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Tibetan Mastiff X Belgian Malinois Hybrid

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Pet Description

These beautiful pups come in long and short haired versions. They exhibit the best of both the Tibetan Mastiff qualities of calm collected certitude along with the great ease of learning and training that one associates with a Belgian Malinois.  Already these pups are showing a strong protective instinct that both the Tibetan Mastiff and Belgian Malinois are well known for.  These pups make for outstanding service dogs. This hybrid dog will not need tons of daily exercise and is very happy just being by your side all day. So particularly well suited for persons looking for a lower energy dog than a traditional high energy Belgian Malinois but without losing a Malinois strong ability to learn commands quickly and intense need to please it's owner.  The Tibetan Mastiff side of these pups means that an owner can expect a strong sense of intuitive guardianship without fear of the dog attacking for no reason. Tibetans are known for their calm collected manner.  All pups come fully vaccinated vet certificate of good health and micro chipped. DoB: Feb 27 2024 When fully grown these pups will weigh between 75lbs-90lbs.  Should you have any further questions or would like to schedule a visit to meet the pups and the parents at the Ranch just outside Dallas in West Texas please feel free to contact me at (254)548-4959


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