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Shelby, Female 6-year-old spayed and chipped

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Pet Description

Shelby, Female 6-year-old spayed and chipped blonde coat, 28lbs. Medium size, living on East side of San Antonio TX. I rescued her but find myself in a position where I need to find her a new fur-ever home. There are several reasons to rehome her. She is energetic but loves to nap in the dark. She is very cat-curious and can be jealous too, she will let you know when she nudges your hand. I love her so much she is so precious such a beautiful happy dog. I don't want to let her go but want her to be happy and I think she can be happy with the right people. She likes being around other dogs, is kennel and doggie door trained. Shelby's DNA Results from Wisdom Panel: Type: Guard - 34% American Pit Bull Terrier, 15% American Staffordshire Terrier, 4% Rottweiler, 3% Boxer Type: Terrier - 19% Chihuahua, 4% Rat Terrier Type: Asian and Oceanian - 7% Chow Chow Type: Herding - 5% Australian Cattle Dog, 2% German Shepherd, Type: Companion - 4% Pekingese, 1% American Eskimo Type: Sporting - 2% Labrador Retriever


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