Serval, Bengal and F1 Savannah Cats For Sale

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These "designer exotic cats" are COMPLETELY LEGAL! These are very large, very long-legged, wild looking Savannah, Bengal and Serval kittens with INCREDIBLE, intelligent, affectionate, dog-like temperaments typical of wildcat hybrids that have been selectively bred for temperament! They are not crossed with bobcat or lynx, but some of them look VERY lynx-like due to the unique combination of superior genetics from huge, European bloodline Maine coon, jungle cat and some serval genetics as well. Mother is a super cuddly, stunning, spotted, very wild-looking, Savannah. They will be long, tall and large as adults! The available kittens are pictured at various ages. This breeding program (several skilled breeders collaborating) specializes in very large cats with extremely wild looks (coloring, pattern, body type, long legs, big feet, super wild skull shape, tufted ear tips, etc.) with an INCREDIBLE, dog-like, affectionate temperament. Prices range from $800.00 to $1,500.00 and are somewhat negotiable, so ask! Visit our website link to view more available kittens: savannah kittens for sale, serval cat for sale, savannah cat for sale, savannah cats for sale, f1 savannah cat for sale, serval cat for sale, exotic cats for sale, f1 savannah cat, f4 savannah cat, cats for sale, savannah cats, Serval kittens for sale, savannah kittens for sale near me, savannah cats for sale near me, bengal kittens for sale, bengal kittens for sale near me.


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