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Puppies will be 6 wks and available to view on May 1, 2023!!!!!! ONLY MALES LEFT! ALL MY FORMER CUSTOMERS ARE VERY PLEASED THEY GOT THEIR PUPPY HERE! Why put up with all that tangled hair when you don't have to. My dogs hair is short and manageable. And they don't suffer in the summer. Born March 20, 2023, in the field to working parents. Picture #2 - Sire is a 75% Pyrenees and 25% Anatolia. His coat does not get tangled and falls out without brushing. He has a controlled temperament, makes wise decisions, and is appropriately aggressive. Beau is all business just like his Sire. At the same time he loves to be rubbed. Picture #1 - Dame is Akbash, Merrima, Pyrenees, Anatolian, and Central Asian Sheep Dog. She is a sweet bitch, very kind to people and other dogs. She is also appropriately aggressive, makes good decisions and her coat is perfect. She is very protective of her litter and keeps her body between them and me on every visit I make to check on them. Still, she allows me to have full access with her supervision. Her Sire was a massive 100% Central Asian Sheepdog. Beau and Baby Girl are great working dogs with great personalities. They are awesome with my family and friends as long as they are introduced. My dogs protect chickens, other fowl, pigs, sheep and me. If I didn't have them the coyotes, coons and hawks would have carried off my entire farm by now. And I feel perfectly safe in my home at all times. LGD's bond to their caregivers and adapt to their living environment. If you don't have a farm they make excellent family dogs. In fact most of my customers use the puppies for that purpose. I stay in contact with each of them and they are perfectly happy with each puppy. These dogs will protect your family. Daily walking is not required. Normal exercise is sufficient. They like to lay around a lot. But if something is out of place they know their job and are fearless. Picture #3 - Puppies are beautiful, happy, healthy and enjoying life. Black merle female has white tipped, chin, feet, tail and chest. Two fawn males have white tipped feet, tail and chest. One is almost blond. (They look like Anatolia's). Solid white male. Solid black female. Black, grey and white spotted male. (He's slightly the biggest). They will all have short hair. I don't even brush my dogs coats. It naturally falls out. You won't find better parents outside papered stock and big bucks. I also have pics and knowledge of the g-parents if you are interested to see the stock they come from. The parentage/stock of my dogs is very important and determines a great deal about the likelihood of success for the job you have for them. From what I've seen on CL there a lot of people claiming their dogs are LGB breeds when they clearly are not LGD. If the parents don't look like a LGD breed then you aren't getting an LGD. If you don't see the parents and even the G-parents I would pass on a puppy purchase because you don't know what your getting. I always do. Picture #4 - 7 month old "Roy" is a white and black male from the previous litter. He is 100 lbs. His family absolutely loves him and states he is outstanding, "he's a stud and fearless dog". At his last vet check up the vet said he will reach 130 lbs. at least at adulthood. Call or text to come see them, six one five - nine two five - one nine two two. Thanks,


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