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Holland Lop Bunny - Blue Eyed Broken Black

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Pet Description

This little cutie is a blue eyed broken black. We raise beautiful pedigreed Holland Lop bunny rabbits in in a variety of colors. These bunnies are for show and or pets. We show our rabbits at ARBA (American Rabbit Breeder Association) shows. In a rabbit popularity contest, the Holland Lop currently hits the top 10, maybe the top 5, and is No. 1 for many people. The Holland Lop was developed in Holland and over the course of more than a decade. The breeds that contributed to the look of the Holland Lop include the Netherland Dwarf and French Lop. If colors are your thing, the Holland Lop is available in a wide array. This friendly little rabbit wins fans because of adorable looks and personality. All our rabbits are lovingly raised in our home with cats and dogs, and are handled daily which allows them to be socialized and used to household noises. Our rabbits are all friendly and are litter trained or started litter training We live in New Oxford, PA and these bunnies will be in Scotia NY for pick up or to meet you between 4/26/2024 and 4/28/2024


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