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German Shepherd Puppies - Working Dog Lines

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Our German Shepherd Abby (J Abby Aus der Auche, June 28, 2020) was bred to SG Panter z Germera VSS1 on January 7th & 9th, 2023 and whelped March 9, 2023. She had 1 black Male, 1 black & tan male, 1 black female and 5 black & tan female. They should have great (correct) structure and nice heads (possibly be on the upper of the standard in size while combining the Czech and West German working lines, this pairing should produce very balanced puppies. We are expecting versatile puppies with great temperaments. They should be very athletic and agile. In the house, we expect they will have a nice off switch allowing them to settle easily. We expect these puppies will be somewhat aloof (environmentally sound) to strangers and other dogs, but they will bond tightly with their family and be great around children. They should have a high ball drive with a nice prey drive, but not over the top. They should have balanced defensive drives and medium to high food drive. They will do well in companion or sport homes. The colors will be black & tan, black, and a slight chance of sable. The puppies will be priced at $2,500 each. Here is a picture of Abby & Panter plus of Abby playing with grand children, and others at various stages of growing from a puppy to now. You can contact me at (720) 234-8537, email TSAllen624@outlook or visit our website at www.AntlerRanchGSD.com. All eight will be eligible for registering with the AKC. Message me for additional information. The 1 black female is spoken for with an option to change to a black & tan depending on how much tan markings develop.


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