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fertile parrots eggs of different parrots species available at a very good price

Pet Detail

  • List ID83769
  • Sale Price$65
  • Added 2024-03-14 07:47:55
  • Pet Birds
  • Breed Aceh pheasant
  • LocationUnited States » Georgia » Georgia
  • Sellerjordanswith200
  • Phone Hidden
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Pet Description

All our prices are negotiable depending on the number of birds and fertile eggs you will order. we are currently given discounted prices to all birds both in pairs. we have parrots eggs that you need okay. parrot and fertile eggs available species: macaws: blue and gold macaws hyacinth macaws Scarlet macaws Camelot macaws harlequin macaws -flame macaws caterlina macaws cockatoos molluscan cockatoo Goffin cockatoo Sulpher crested cockatoo umbrella cockatoos amazons: -blue-fronted amazon -double yellow head amazon -lilac amazon -yellow nape amazon. -blue crown amazon -Panama amazon electus: - electus redsidedsland electus greys: -timneh african grey -congo african grey parrots red tail. Do not hesitate to contact us on email address for more information and for more details: jordanswith200@gmail.com


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