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F1 Saint berdoodle

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F1 saint berdoodle puppies on the way. They will have ESI and ENS training starting at 3 days old. Potty training will be started simple commands like sit and down. They will have proper socializing within the home with other dogs. Raised around kids. 3 are already spoken for, get on the list while you can. Pros: What’s good about the St Berdoodle dog? Well, it is a champion dog that has an exceptional temperament. But remember, you are the one who is responsible for your dog’s positive traits because you have to polish your dog with early-age training and socialization which needs a lot of dedication and patience from you or your fur baby may end up being stubborn and destructive dog. So, let’s start with St Berdoodle’s temperament. Excellent temperament The Saint Berdoodles are said to be very affectionate and love cuddling their humans. They inherit calmness and friendliness from both the parent breeds. If treated and trained well from an early age, they make a strong bond with their human family. Along with that, their patience level is higher than the highest mountain in this world. If a large-sized dog is not an issue for you, a Saint Berdoodle is your best match, especially if you are getting a dog for the first time. Loves children: They love children and are highly protective of them. But as they are giant dogs, keep the pup and children under your supervision while they are together. If you have infants at home, it is better to keep them away from the dog for the baby’s safety. Overall, they love to be with children. Trainability: Being the second-most intelligent breed, Poodle is an ideal breed that can be trained easily. And luckily, Saint Berdoodle gets a vast part of the Poodle inherited. Teaching them the basic commands is amazingly easy, and later on, they can get used to the training sessions where they can learn more commands. Vets and experts suggest that, to get the best results in training, start training your fur babies from an early age and make the training sessions rewarding. Pet-friendly: They really do well with other pets; canine or not canine. In fact, they create a strong bond with other pets at home. If you already have small-sized dogs or pets, consider not getting a St Berdoodle as small-sized pets are more likely to sustain injuries while playing with such a giant dog. Low-shedding coat: Just like most of the other Doodle breeds, they are more likely to have a low-shedding coat which is often referred to as a hypoallergenic coat, which is not guaranteed though. It all depends on the tendency of the parent breed to the puppy. If the puppy has taken more from Poodle, the coat will be curly and low-shedding. While if it inherits more from Saint Bernard, the coat will more likely be straight and high-shedding. If you have specifications and you really want a low-shedding St Berdoodle, get an F1 generation puppy. An F1b Saint Berdoodle with 75% Poodle will even be best. Make sure you get your puppy from a well-reputed breeder and not a puppy mill or backyard breed. Ideal family dog: While looking for a dog, what a family wants? A cuddly dog who does well with them, their children, other pets, and their guests. And believe us, Saint Berdoodle has the qualities to fulfill all such requirements. Also, being a Saint Bernard’s product, it is highly protective of its family. Low-energy dogs: It is an ideal dog for busy owners because of its little activity needs. This giant has a curious nature though, but it won’t be giving you a tough time in terms of exercise and activities. A couple of walks for around 10 minutes each and some canine enrichment games would be fair enough for their overall mental and physical health Cons: What’s bad about Saint Berdoodle? Well, there is nothing bad about any dog but there are some habits and health-related issues that a dog may develop. Likewise, the St Berdoodle does also have some negative traits that you should know about before getting this dog. So, let’s check their common negative traits. Not suitable for small homes: Being a giant-sized dog, the Saint Berdoodle needs a fair amount of space to live a happy life which is why they are not suitable to be kept in small homes or apartments. If you live in a small-sized home, consider getting a small dog. Regular grooming needed: Having a low-shedding dog means you need to groom them more often as compared to high-shedding breeds. Actually, the dog hair keeps growing and when they do not shed like other breeds, you need to brush and clip them to avoid matting and remove excess hair. So, regular brushing twice or thrice a week and grooming by a professional groomer are required every 6 to 8 weeks.


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