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Belgian Malinois Puppies

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Looking for a loyal intelligent and energetic companion? Your search ends here with our exceptional Belgian Malinois / Australian Shepherd puppies! These remarkable pups are a perfect blend of elegance and athleticism ready to become your devoted partner in all of life's adventures. 3 males and 3 females available. 8 weeks old on September 7 2023. Puppies have received nicknames to tell them apart but have not been taught to recall on a name. Puppies are partially potty trained and will let you know when they need to go outside. Puppies have been socialized with small children and adults.  Coloring: All puppies have a brown/black sable coat. Some pups sport white paws and white stars on their chest like their mother while others have no white markings. All pups are short haired and have grey/brown eyes.  Male 1 Tiny Tank: Biggest of the litter strong focused great eye contact food driven  Male 2 Copper: Bold energetic beautiful gold and black coat Male 3 Paintbrush: Sweet curious eager to please Female 1 Tripod: Intelligent focused driven mischievous  Female 2 Socks: Strong 2nd largest of the litter quick to learn motivated  Female 3 Sweet Pea: Sweet loves belly rubs active playful  Why Choose Belgian Malinois / Australian Shepherd Puppies from Us? Top-Quality Breeding: Our puppies come from carefully selected parents with impeccable pedigrees ensuring strong genetics and excellent temperament. The mother is a Belgian Malinois who weighs 40lbs full grown. She is driven loyal keen and energetic. She is eager to please and learns commends quickly. She's got a strong prey drive and is ready to protect her family. The father is an Australian Shepherd who clocks in at a cool 45lbs full grown. He is athletic sharp and food driven. He can sniff out a single piece of kibble under the fridge and he is sure to let you know it's there. He loves to play fetch but can also sit and chill for hours.  Lovingly Raised: Our puppies are raised in a loving home environment receiving plenty of socialization and attention to help them grow into well-adjusted confident adults. Our puppies are up to date on all of their vaccines and have received a stamp of approval from our local vet. All puppies get ample time to play each day on our property and are taken on great puppy sized adventures to sharpen their minds and build their confidence.  Trainability: Belgian Malinois are renowned for their exceptional intelligence and eagerness to learn. Our puppies are a blank slate ready for you to mold into the perfect companion through proper training and guidance. These puppies are eager to learn driven to please and desire a job to do.  Endless Energy: If you're an active individual or family a Belgian Malinois / Australian Shepherd is the perfect match! These pups have boundless energy and are always up for a game of fetch a hike or a jog in the park. These dogs require daily exercise yes even when the weather is bad.  ‍🦺 Loyal and Protective: Known for their loyalty and protective instincts Belgian Malinois / Australian Shepherds are not only loving family members but also excellent guardians of your home and loved ones. Contact Us Today to Reserve Your Bundle of Joy! Don't miss out on the opportunity to welcome one of these incredible Belgian Malinois / Australian Shepherd puppies into your life. Act now to secure your loyal and devoted companion!


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