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ALCORN'S BULLDOGS "Olde English Bulldogges"

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We have 6 puppies avaliable 2 boys and 4 girls out of a litter of 11 puppies in total. DOB 6/4/2023 We have small Kennel service located in Michigan, we have been breeding Alcorn's Bulldogs/Oldes for countless years, producing the best balanced children friendly dogs, we have our line of ethically bred dogs all across the United State; we have countless families that have enjoy our line of dogs over the years, we also have countless breeders that have our line of oldes in their breeding programs. We do not sell Puppies on Facebook we have other accounts with site like Hoobly.com, but we do "hold" Puppies on Facebook so you can see your puppy grow. At "Alcorn's Bulldogs" we don't breed American and English Hybrids and pass them off as OEB's as with most association do, trophies and ribbons don't mean anything outside of the association that promotes their own standards. Alot of bs, seems mainstream anymore with breeders and association, using terms/words like rare colors or patterns, that's all bs. Colors and patterns are faults produced from out crossing with breeds of dogs or animals that can produce certain patterns and colors, but most people are ignorant to this fact. Nothing special with so called rare colors or patterns, I call it breed for greed. It's sad to see over countless years of breeding the lies sell more then the quality of the dogs being produced, very few breeders are in the business for just breeding quality family dogs that are children friendly anymore its about lies and greed. Very few of us left that really care about the family and producing the best children friendly family dogs and just a all around balanced dog in general that fulfill every day family activities. A good breeder should always tell the truth to their clients, and not to try and push snake oil sales as most do these days. A good breeder should always keep their prices fair, putting ethical breeding of breed for greed. Over countless years I've seen nothing but garbage snake oil lies, just to make a sale. As a ethical breeder you should always teach your customers/ Families the truth about the variation of the so called OEB/oldes most people don't realize their are countless variation of the breed. There is not a set standard as you would get with a true foundational breed, like you would get with a AKC line of dogs with a solid pedigree. Very sad how "breed for greed" has taken over the industry.


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